The Sunglasses

Remember Juan? Well, these are his sunglasses.
Pretty cool, right? I know... I couldn't resist how amazing they are, so I had to take a picture, I even uploaded one to Instagram.

When I asked him about them, here's what he said:

"I bought them on Etsy, I was just looking for sun protection, but I also wanted something like the ones James Waterson wore in the movie 'Dead Poets Society'. They look like Clubmasters, but these are a bit more square. They are super comfortable, affordable and they also have a great shape. And the neckerchief, well my mum brought it from Japan, it's not made of silk but I really don't care, I love it"

And that's it. Personally, I'm in love with them. I definitely have to buy a pair, maybe two. What do you think? Do you like them?


PS: I also love that neckerchief. Does anybody know where can I get a similar one?

Wishlist #3: The jacket

A few weeks ago, I talked about what I'd like to wear this fall. Well, remember when I told you that I was looking for a varsity jacket? I think I've found it.

Believe me, that's definitely the only piece one of the pieces I need from the Saint Laurent collection for this season.

For me it's always like that when fall comes; I kind of get obsessed with some pieces, like the Margiela x H&M coat, remember? Yeah, I think I need some help.

Well, when I first saw this varsity jacket, I thought it was just perfect. Minimalistic, elegant. I love how it creates a certain contrast that just looks ideal. And it's made of wool, that's superb!

It's like Hedi Slimane won't ever stop surprising me with everything he does, really. He kind of reinvented this classic piece and made it impeccable once again.

What do you think about it? Do you like it?


PS: You can buy it right here.

My own fall lookbook

Ahh lookbooks, I love them with all my heart but, to be honest, I think I've seen loads of them this season. Really, they're kind of everywhere; Pinterest, Tumblr, ugh.

You know that I always like to share my love for a good lookbook or campaign. But you know what? Since I'm a bit tired of the 'lookbook explosion' (can I say that?), I've decided to create my own for this fall. Yup, that's it. Let me explain you...

Sadly it's not an illustrated lookbook, I'd love to do it, but I don't have that much time. So, I decided to explain what I'll actually wear and what I'd love to wear for fall. This was the first thing that came to my mind:

It's just necessary for the season. And I've developed some kind of obsession towards any kind of knit. Yeah, so this fall it will be knitwear all the way. I have my eyes on this cardigan by Jil Sander.

Maybe a varsity, I'm still looking for the perfect one, it should be black or maybe burgundy, I'll let you know when I find a decent one.

You probably know how much I love plaid. I wear plaid shirts a lot. Especially for fall, for me it's just perfectly fine. And I think plaid shirts look good on almost everyone, that's why they're on my list. Right now I'm loving this one by Gant Rugger.

I'm looking for something classic but that fits perfectly at the same time, with a dark shade of grey. Maybe something like this. I've also set my eyes on Acne jeans, they're just perfect.

I'm so into brogues, I'm never satisfied. But when it comes to wearing them, I kind of forget and always put on some sneakers. I don't know about you, but I love being comfortable. Maybe I just need new chucks? Or these ones by Common Projects.

My favorite fragrance for fall has always been Touch by Burberry. It's sooo good. Strong and fresh, it smells incredible. I don't know why but it reminds me of wood. It's definitely the best.


So yeah. I think that's it, no coats for me (even when it's fall, the temperature is still hot in this island). I've created my own fall lookbook... or maybe wishlist, I have to say. Well I don't even know, the point is that these are the ideal things for me to wear this fall. I know it's still summer and everything but, fall is around the corner already.

What about you? Do you have a wishlist or maybe your own fall lookbook too? Tell me about it!


PS: The illustration is inspired by the Tommy Hilfiger Sportswear AW13 lookbook.

Hey! (The monday update)

Hey there! As you know, I'm very comfortable these days (Ahhh, vacations!) but I shouldn't be. I'll start university in just 3 weeks, can you believe that?

Bye bye lazy days! No more going to bed at 1am and waking up at 11. Oh well...

Anyway, let's talk about some things that are in my mind right now.


As I mentioned before. Honestly I can't wait to start. I'm tired of doing nothing and being such a lazy ass. Some of my friends started today and I have to say, I feel kinda sorry for them but jealous at the same time. Ahh, I said it! 


Fall collections are all over the place right now. I can't believe it. Summer's ending, and it just happened so quickly. I remember that we were celebrating my birthday yesterday (Not really, but you know).

And then fashion week will come and blogs will be full of street style photos. Well, more like 'people coming out of the shows' photos. People dressed from head to toe in designer clothes and crazy prints.

Even my illustrations are dressing for Fall!* I've made a wishlist, of all the things I want. I'll share it in another post.


I've been listening to Paracosm (the new album by Washed Out) lately, and I have to say it's dreamy. I love it, every song is just perfect.

And also The Radio Dept. They're soooo cool, did I mention I love dream pop? Well, you should totally check them out!

Personal Care

I ride my bike a lot, you probaly know that. But lately I've been staying at home for like the whole day. And I can't find any motivation to ride again. 

And believe it or not, since I'm not really coming out of my home. I've been doing a lot of bodyweight exercises and yoga. And I have to say that I feel pretty great!

Another thing is that I changed my razor. It was about time for me to throw the match 3. I'm using a Fusion ProGlide now, have you tried it? do you like it? let me know!


And that's it for now. It's not a bad monday after all, eh? What about you? Do you have any plans for today? Something you'd like to share? Tell me about it!


*The jacket was inspired by Ami.