Somewhere Else III

Hey there!

Guys, you probably know I'm supposed to start university today. Yeah, finally, the most anticipated step.

The only thing is... ahh, how can I say it? I won't start today, nor tomorrow. In fact, I will start next year (exactly in January) WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU? ALL THAT EXCITEMENT FOR NOTHING? you must be asking, okay okay, calm down... Just let me explain you.

I had a deadline to give the university some school documents, and my school didn't give them to me on time. So I couldn't deliver those documents, and my entrance was automatically changed to January, those bitches. So yeah, that's the reason why I won't enter this year.

I actually feel kind of sad, angry and mad. All at the same time. I mean I was really looking forward to enter right now, I've even made some friends and everything! Ahh, all of this seems so unfair to me. I still can't believe it, after taking all those exams and going almost everyday. And everything just because those silly documents.

So, what will you do now?? The truth is, I don't even know. I inmediatly thought about working or maybe taking some art classes, but I haven't decided yet. It's so difficult to make a choice just like that, you know?

So, for now that's it. Has this ever happened to you? Do you have any advice?

PS: In the meantime, I will be drawing a lot more and I'll try to post everyday. Oh, and I don't know if you've noticed but I've been posting some street style photos. I think it's so fun to interact with people on the street, well I'll tell you more about it later.

PPS: The outfit on the illustration was inspired by what Alexandre Mattiussi was wearing on this video. If you didn't know, he's the founder of Ami. And I don't know why I'm getting so inspired by Ami lately, maybe it's because everything is just so good and relaxed, I love it!

Hey! (The monday update)

Hey there! As you know, I'm very comfortable these days (Ahhh, vacations!) but I shouldn't be. I'll start university in just 3 weeks, can you believe that?

Bye bye lazy days! No more going to bed at 1am and waking up at 11. Oh well...

Anyway, let's talk about some things that are in my mind right now.


As I mentioned before. Honestly I can't wait to start. I'm tired of doing nothing and being such a lazy ass. Some of my friends started today and I have to say, I feel kinda sorry for them but jealous at the same time. Ahh, I said it! 


Fall collections are all over the place right now. I can't believe it. Summer's ending, and it just happened so quickly. I remember that we were celebrating my birthday yesterday (Not really, but you know).

And then fashion week will come and blogs will be full of street style photos. Well, more like 'people coming out of the shows' photos. People dressed from head to toe in designer clothes and crazy prints.

Even my illustrations are dressing for Fall!* I've made a wishlist, of all the things I want. I'll share it in another post.


I've been listening to Paracosm (the new album by Washed Out) lately, and I have to say it's dreamy. I love it, every song is just perfect.

And also The Radio Dept. They're soooo cool, did I mention I love dream pop? Well, you should totally check them out!

Personal Care

I ride my bike a lot, you probaly know that. But lately I've been staying at home for like the whole day. And I can't find any motivation to ride again. 

And believe it or not, since I'm not really coming out of my home. I've been doing a lot of bodyweight exercises and yoga. And I have to say that I feel pretty great!

Another thing is that I changed my razor. It was about time for me to throw the match 3. I'm using a Fusion ProGlide now, have you tried it? do you like it? let me know!


And that's it for now. It's not a bad monday after all, eh? What about you? Do you have any plans for today? Something you'd like to share? Tell me about it!


*The jacket was inspired by Ami.