The Sunglasses

Remember Juan? Well, these are his sunglasses.
Pretty cool, right? I know... I couldn't resist how amazing they are, so I had to take a picture, I even uploaded one to Instagram.

When I asked him about them, here's what he said:

"I bought them on Etsy, I was just looking for sun protection, but I also wanted something like the ones James Waterson wore in the movie 'Dead Poets Society'. They look like Clubmasters, but these are a bit more square. They are super comfortable, affordable and they also have a great shape. And the neckerchief, well my mum brought it from Japan, it's not made of silk but I really don't care, I love it"

And that's it. Personally, I'm in love with them. I definitely have to buy a pair, maybe two. What do you think? Do you like them?


PS: I also love that neckerchief. Does anybody know where can I get a similar one?