Spring cool

You know what... I'm still on vacations! Crazy right?! Not for me lol, I'm feeling a little bit too lazy these days.

Well, anyway... Every season, I always make some plans. Something like an update of what's going on and some things I'd like to do. Like the lazy update, remember? Well, since I'm on vacations I decided to make a list for this Spring.

And not only about things I'd like to do or try, but also some commandments to stay cool this season (even when I'm not lol) Ok, here it is:

  • Relax my silhouette. I'm a bit tired of everything fitting perfectly. I'd love to try a more relaxed and effortless style for this season. Untucked shirts, comfortable footwear... I'll work on that.
  • Focus on my illustration. Yeah, I've been having a bit of a hard time posting my illustrations here. That's why I posted this one today. I wasn't really feeling quite inspired to draw anything, but then, it's not only about inspiration but also about working hard!
  • Go out. To be honest the only place I go (when I'm not on vacays) is the university. Like really, it's a little bit tiring, I feel like I need to go out and have more fun! Especially since I'm trying to find cool places around town to take photos. We'll see. 
  • Run everyday. Aahah, I'm not sure if this is going to happen. I mean I love running, but like I said... I'm just too lazy these days, ugh! Okay I know that's not an excuse. Sorry. I'm starting today.
  • Buy more classics. The other day I realized I'm missing a couple classic pieces... Like white sneakers for example, I've been thinking about the Adidas Stan Smith these days, they're pretty cool.
  • Shoot film. I've been dying to get this camera. It's an instant camera, and I want to have it so badly so I could post some film photos here! That would be fantastic.

Aaaaand that's basically the list for now. If something new comes up I'll make sure to tell you about it :) in the meantime, I'll just try to do all these things. So yeah, wish me luck. Now tell me about you? Anything planned for this season?

Youth in revolt

Guys, I think I'm missing something. And that's life. Sounds weird, I know. But let me explain

Last week, I was celebrating (kind of, I was a bit sick) my birthday with some friends at home.

We spent some time talking and making some jokes, until we decided to play drinking games. You know I love drinking, right? Well, we started to play this little game... "Never have I ever" (I mean, we've all been there) and to be honest, it's a game that I enjoy. Ok, I sound like an alcoholic...

Anyway, we spent a while playing that. I'll say the first questions were pretty normal, nothing I've never done (yeah, ask Victor, the pro) It was shot after shot after shot. Until my friends started to set the bar higher:

"Never have I ever smoked weed"
"Never have I ever slept in another bed"
"Never have I ever had sex with two different people in one week"

Aha I know. The list goes on and on. And you know what? I was the only one who wasn't drinking. It's not like I'm a saint but I'm not a demon either.

Now, I don't feel bad. But, should I? Somehow that made me think quite a lot about my teenage years. Maybe I'm not taking advantage of them. Ahhh, well.

You tell me... Is it too late for me now? Or are my friends too early? Is this youth in revolt?

My rules of style / pt.2

Yes, finally, an illustration!

Haha, ok enough. Remember last time when I talked about my rules of style? Well, here's the second chapter or something like that.

As I said, my style is always evolving, that allows me to find inspiration anywhere and add some new rules to this series of posts, which will keep things a bit more interesting all the time. Here I go...

  • Get rid of tight/baggy clothes: Things are supposed to fit just right. Something too small will obviously make you look like your mom buys your clothes from the kids department. And something too big will also make you look like an idiot. We don't want that.
  • Look for a key piece each season: This is just essential. It's something I've been doing for like a year now. You need something essential for each season. For example, an unconstructed blazer, t-shirt or chinos for Spring/Summer; and maybe a nice coat, blazer or sweater for Fall/Winter.
  • Take care of your footwear: To be honest, I totally suck at this one. But, argh that's okay, I'll do it nice some day... The point is you should treat them right. Shoe trees are really helpful, they help to maintain their shape and make them look good.
  • Less is more: Always. Remember choose quality over quantity. Don't put a lot of effort to have a nice outfit.
And there you have part 2. Remember to have in mind all these 'rules'. I'll post more as soon as possible!

Somewhere else IV

So yeah, I know (maybe?) you've all wondered why I stopped blogging for a while... And, I don't know why I didn't write this post before but here it goes...

I started university two weeks ago! That's the main reason why. But, finally... I mean, remember what happened? Yeah, not cool at all. Well, I managed to enter and I have to say that I'm loving it!! The teachers are awesome (well, some of them) and I've made a lot of friends (ok, 6) so far! And they're pretty awesome, we're always hanging out.

But the only thing is, there's a bunch of stuff to do. Like really, my design teacher (I'm studying Advertising) is leaving us like 6 projects every week that we have to work on. So, that's a lot for me. He's the only one leaving us a lot of work, but it's okay. At least, I like it.

Well, that's it. Just a little update. Now I'm off to do homework, I'll tell you more soon. Have a nice day!!