Kris Van Assche SS14

Yes! One of my favorite campaigns for this Spring/Summer.

Alessio Bolzoni captured the perfect photographs for this season's campaign of Kris Van Assche. The images are strong and they communicate Kris' essence in a perfect way. 

I love the fact that there's some kind of sporty thing about this campaign, Genius isn't it? I don't know why but it reminds me a bit of tennis. Lol, ok.

What do you think about it? 

Man on the Move by Hermès

I'm loving this video!

Luxury brand Hermès released this video a few days ago. As you probably know, every year, the brand chooses a specific theme that inspires its artistic direction. For example, last year was all about sports. This year is about celebrating Metamorphosis, which I think they did pretty well in the video.

Featuring dancer Jérémie Bélingard, directed by Romain Laurent and shot in the streets of Paris. This video is fun, playful and super cool. Let me know what you think!


I know I've been talking a lot about campaigns lately but ohh, I just can't help it. I'm an aesthetic lover.

I'm always like that when a new campaign comes out, if I like it, I feel like I have the urge to talk about it on the blog. And that's exactly how I felt when I first saw this campaign. Here's what I think about it and some of my favorite photos.

First of all, Boo George is a great, great great photographer, I worship his work because I think it's just fantastic the way his pictures are always very clean and simple yet very powerful at the same time.

And we can't leave the models behind. Yuri Pleskun (I thought he dissappeared from the face of the earth), Arthur Gosse and Marlon Teixeira showcased such a great mood for the collection. Very strong indeed.

Their facial expressions and deep lost gazes match perfectly with those so sober, yet powerful attires. Giving the campaign photographs an attractive shine coming for this season, making the consumers be mad about buying the clothes.

As for the collection; I want to kill myself right now, let me explain you. I spent the day outside, I got a haircut and then did a little shopping at... ...Zara. As you know, everything's on sale right now so I only paid attention to the pieces that were on sale when I was shopping. And then I come home and see people on the internet talking about how awesome the new Zara collection and campaign are.

ARGHH, I just want to kill myself, every piece is perfect. From the knits to the pants and blazers, even the underwear(?) Ohh and don't forget the coats, they're pretty awesome too!

What do you think about the campaign? Do you like it?

ZARA AW13 Woman

Okay. This video is perfect. Caroline Brasch, Juliane Gruner, Julia Nobis and Ashleigh Good did a perfect job when modeling for it. The way they're running, the dramatic yet modern music, everything is just marvelous.

I don't normally blog about womenswear but I thought this season's collection is great. We've seen a lot of inspiration from big fashion houses like Céline, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent for this season. The looks are great and I personally think that plaid red jacket is fantastic, as well as the hats and the coats, they look pretty cool

I also wonder why are the models running... I mean it looks so cool, but maybe it's a resemblance for this season's dramatic weather and clothes. What do you think it may mean?