Quitasueño Studios

After talking a lot about it and uploading photos to Instagram , it's finally time to show you some pictures of my visit to the film set I told you about!

So, last month I was invited to this Studio, to see a little preview of the set and how everything was going to be organized for the film. I still can't believe it. I felt so honored to be there and just talk about how things were going to be. Ahhh..
To be honest, I love taking pictures of interiors and all that. So when I entered there, I kind of felt like I was in heaven. No, really. The set was very organized, very bohemian and well designed. I loved it.

Sadly, I can't talk about the movie right now but let me tell you something, it's going to be awesomeee. Ohh, I'm thinking about making a short film right now, what do you think?

Signed: Victor, the guy who still dreams about filmmaking.

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A book I love / Los Cuadernos


Today I want to share one of my main sources of inspiration with you. I've had this book for about a year and a half now, and I'm sure you've probably heard of it (maybe?) Well, let me tell you...

Los Cuadernos (Sketchbooks in English) by Richard Brereton, is one of the best books I've ever bought. It features a lot of artists, graphic designers and illustrators.

Every time I open it, I feel like I'm entering a wonderful world where I get lost with all the creativity and beautiful drawings that are inside. I'm not sure if you understand, it's like my mind gets refreshed somehow.

Ohh, everything about it is just so amazing... And you? Do you have any book that works as a source of inspiration? Let me know!