Quitasueño Studios

After talking a lot about it and uploading photos to Instagram , it's finally time to show you some pictures of my visit to the film set I told you about!

So, last month I was invited to this Studio, to see a little preview of the set and how everything was going to be organized for the film. I still can't believe it. I felt so honored to be there and just talk about how things were going to be. Ahhh..
To be honest, I love taking pictures of interiors and all that. So when I entered there, I kind of felt like I was in heaven. No, really. The set was very organized, very bohemian and well designed. I loved it.

Sadly, I can't talk about the movie right now but let me tell you something, it's going to be awesomeee. Ohh, I'm thinking about making a short film right now, what do you think?

Signed: Victor, the guy who still dreams about filmmaking.

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