Inspired by L'Officiel Hommes Germany Fall 2012

Okay, so while everybody is talking about the Margiela x H&M preview party... I'm just sitting here... overthinking some things.

It's not that I'm not excited for the collaboration, I loveeee it. I've seen a bit of the lookbook and it's just so amazing. I'm in love with the proportions and the structures of each piece.

Well, I'm not here to talk about fashion, even though I already did it. I'm here to talk about overthinking. Yup, that's it. That's another thing I've been doing a lot this week (besides studying and listening to the marvelous Azealia Banks, but you already know that, don't you?). 

Overthinking is a totally normal process in life, but sometimes it can be very dangerous and (in my case) it can cause lack of sleep. 

I've been overthinking about what should I post here (because this blog is a bit dead. But not anymore, I promise), about studying insdustrial design instead of advertising, and even about dropping out of school (yup, I was a bit frustrated last week, but now it's okay). The point is that overthinking may cause some reaaaally negative thoughts and it's a bit difficult to just stop out of nowhere.

That's why I'll leave you with a few tips on how to stop overthinking:

  • Find a distraction: This is the best way to stop doing it, seriously. Last week I was overthinking about my grades and stuff, and I decided to ride my bike (it was one of the best decisions I ever made). It cleared my head and I felt just so relaxed. So yeah, find a distraction! Go out, read a book, draw, or just eat (that's one of my favourites).

  • Take action: Try to take the problem you're overthinking about into a concrete solution.

  • Stop yourself: When you start doing it, just stop. This is actually a little hard, it takes a lot of effort to stop thinking about something. If you can't stop, you can always punch yourself find a distraction (as I said before).

  • Be Patient: Overthinking is a problem, that's why you struggle a bit when you try to stop. Just be patient and everything will come along.


PS: If none of these tips works for you, go to a therapist.