Hello guys! I'm so sorry for the silence. I've been so busy (as always) with school. Yeah...

The main reason of my silence it's because of all these crazy assignments, arghhh I just want to kill myself, they're so hard and long! Especially philosophy assignments, I spend hours writing stuff for that class. And what about Math and Chemistry? I'm very tired of trigonometric identities and alkanes. Well well, I prefer not to talk about it...

I also had like 10 exams the past week. So yeah, that's why it's been a bit hard to keep you guys updated. I don't even have time to draw anymore. And I tried to at least check tumblr, but it's impossible!

Now I'm only reading and stu|dying|. Who would have said that Senior Year is so hard?!

Have you ever been in this kind of situation? Do you have any tips on how to study for crazy exams or something? Tell me about it!


PS: I should probaly go now. I have 2 more exams tomorrow (History and Chemistry) Somebody kill meeeeeeeee!!