Thom Browne

The lazy update

I said I'd write it soon or later. And here it is, the lazy update.

Lately I'm waking up late and I'm spending hours drawing (in order to get better) as I said before, and blah blah. That's my life right now, probably sounds perfect but it's not.

I'd probably go out sometimes with my friends, watch movies, take some street style photos. But that's it. I'm getting used to go out a lot these days.

Well yeah, everybody loves being super lazy at home. And let me tell you something, it made me realize a few things...

  • I need new sweatpants. Mine are kind of old, I think I've worn them too much now. And believe me, there's nothing more comfortable than being all lazy at home wearing sweatpants and eating some junk food, you know it. Right now, I have a crush on these ones by Thom Browne (yup, the ones on the illustration)
  • I need new slippers, too. Just in case. I mean for me it's one of the most timeless and classic pieces one could ever have. If I quickly need to go out, I know they'd be there for me. Anything from Stubbs & Wootton would be perfect.
  • Exercising at home is just the best thing. Really. As I told you, my bike is not working very well (yes, I know I have to fix that) and that means that bodyweight exercises, yoga and running are taking all over me right now. And it feels great! At the beginning I thought I was going to hate it but now I do these things everyday!
  • I should probably post more of my 'real' illustrations. Everybody keeps telling me that. My friends are loving them and I think they actually look better... Ahh I still haven't decided what to do yet.
  • I have to take painting classes. I've never been a fan of watercolor, but it looks soooo awesome. And for me it's impossible to paint with it, I'd say it's a bit difficult. A class should solve that problem, no?
  • I think I don't want to make short films anymore. You know I have a love for filmmaking. Everybody knows that, actually. The thing is, I've been watching a lot of movies lately and I even visited a film set. And yes, my love for movies keeps growing. But I don't think I want it to be a part of my career anymore. Ahh, I'm confused.
  • I never thought I could actually read so many books in so little time. It's crazy. I'm eating all these books as if they were candy. I'll post a list soon.
  • Coffee is one of the best things on Earth. It's my number one drink right now. I drink like 4 cups of coffe everyday and I have no doubt that I've developed an addiction towards it. I feel like I'm swedish.
And that's it for now. Yes, it's a little bit crazy. And I have soooo much more to tell, but I'll do it in another post. Meanwhile I'll try to take as many photos as I can and I'll keep drawing. Oh and I'll keep drinking a lot of coffee too... Wanna come over for fika? ;)