Let's talk about Instagram...

Ahh, Instagram... The wonderful app to share photos of your meals daily life with people from all around the world. It's amazing and we all love it, no? I've been using it a lot lately, it's a little bit addictive.

I mean it's really useful when you don't feel like carrying your camera.
It's also great to keep up with people you admire (photographers, editors, etc.) and a really great way to get inspired.

But, how exactly do you become a good photographer on Instagram? How do you communicate with your audience? To be honest, I had no idea that Instagram could be a very powerful tool for bloggers and creative people. That's why I wanted to ask a super good photographer and very close friend, Jose Pablo Anleu some questions.

How did Instagram change the way you shoot?

It made me be even more aware of my surroundings. As a general rule, I try to keep my eyes open all the time everywhere I go, it's just my way of continuously seeking inspiration. Having something as simple as the camera in my phone with me all the time is perfect to capture everything that catches my eye, and thus, be more aware. To me, it's a visual diary of my everyday life.

What do you like about it?

Instagram is my favorite social media network. It lets me share with the world, in real time. And that community factor is what's so awesome about Instagram. To be able to see the world, in the palm of my hand, and connect right there, with so many different cultures and super talented individuals. And such wonderful sights! Instagram has democratized the way we think about photography now. It is about doing the BEST you can with something we all have.

What do you think about Instagram video?

I love it! Many people were skeptical at first, but I think it's awesome. I love filmmaking, so the challenge as well is to be able to tell something in the best way possible in 15 seconds. The
re's a saying that goes "A picture's worth a thousand words", well just imagine what a video can say! 

Do you have any tips on how to take better pictures with your phone?

LIGHT. Be aware of light. Try to understand how it falls on objects, and then position yourself or the elements accordingly, to make the best of it. People say it's horrible to shoot at noon when the sun is up highest but I think you just have to be careful to position your subject, because it can look incredible.

COMPOSITION IS EVERYTHING! It is what makes images aesthetically appealing, through the positioning of the elements in it, contrast between colors, textures, etc. Composition makes an image come alive.

Nighttime photography is difficult with a phone's camera. Make sure to keep the camera very steady (I never use flash) or prop yourself against a wall to help you. Also you can get a tripod and mount your phone on it. Another tip, sometimes the white balance at night is waaaay off and it just looks bad no matter what you do to fix it, so my tip for that would be... black and white! It makes night pics look not as bad.
Don't over edit. Less is MORE.

And what are some tips when it comes to sharing on social media? 

Stay true. Above everything else. Never take a picture just because you think it will help you get more likes or followers or because you want people to like you. We are all individuals so we all have our own stories to tell. And you'll find people will engage more when the emotion/intention behind the photos is authentic. Share who you are, what you love, what catches YOUR eye.

Do you think about your caption before uploading a picture?

I do! I love writing, so with my captions I try to set the mood I want to convey through a picture, and they reinforce each other, photo and words. Having a caption to go along with the photos, makes it so much more fun and it engages people in relating and engaging more. Also I like writing little stories to go with the photos I want to upload, it forces me to stay creating ideas.


And there you have it!! Really useful, isn't it? If this post didn't help you at all, then you need some serious help. Try using different apps and make sure that you find a signature filter (It actually took me a while to find mine, I'm still practicing though!!). 

That's it. I hope you liked it. Remember to have these tips in mind, and go take some photos!! Have a great day :)

P.S.: Here are some of my favorite users:
Frida Vega
Benjamin Bergh
Tim Melideo
Giselle Hernandez

P.P.S.: In case you're wondering, I mostly use VSCO Cam and Whitagram to edit my photos before I put them on Instagram.