Weekend Diaries XIV

Hey there!

Yesterday I went to the Colonial Zone of my country and here are some of the pictures I told you I was going to take. It was quite a good day and I actually loved it!

I went there with my friend Paulette and we walked like never before, seriously. I got there at 11 am and we visited a lot of places. We discovered a lot of new places and it was great. So, let me tell you a little bit about the exploring day that was....

Paulette's grandparents live there, so we just walked down the street.

We first found a very interesting bazaar with all kinds of things, paintings, lamps, and really weird objects that I've never seen in my life before, it was so amazing.

When we got out of there, we went to this little but fantastic gelateria called 'Cinco Gelato' and it's just sooooo good. I tried the oreo flavor and it was totally worth it. The place was great and they had very good music playing (Feist*).

After that, we walked a little bit more and we visited a super cool art gallery. I don't really remember the name but it was fantastic! They have a lot of very nice sculptures and breathtaking paintings there!

Then, we went to a really beautiful garden and we were so exhausted that we had to sit there for a while. After that, we discovered some of the most beautiful hidden places of the colonial zone, it was so inspiring.

We stopped at a super cool project that's under construction, it's some kind of villa and the architecture of that place is just too beautiful, it's kind of classic but with a very modern twist.

Ahhh, I think I've said too much now! Today I'll probably visit some museums, if you want to see more pictures, you can visit my VSCO Grid or my Instagram.


*Yes, I like Feist.