On the Street... Sarah.

This is my friend Sarah. I met with her yesterday to discuss a project that we have in mind. Sadly, we ended making jokes and watching vine videos the whole afternoon, ahh. I can't help it, that always happens when I see my friends.

I loved the way she looked. I think the orange trousers, the bi-color cardigan and that print blouse worked perfect together. Sarah has always been a very stylish person and the best thing is that she doesn't try so hard. And I have to say, that's always what I'm looking for when I'm taking photographs.

The only bad thing is that the sky turned cloudy and that's why the photos have some kind of grey tone. But I think it looks nice at the same time.

Right now she's studying advertising (like I will) and she told me it's a whole different world. She has to do a lot of things now, from editing videos to taking pictures and drawing, something that she never liked and now she's actually kind of enjoying it. Now she's got her pencils all the time with her, and I think that's so cool!
She even showed me some of her sketches and I have to say, they're pretty good. I'll probably post them here or on instagram anytime soon. She also told me that the students are a bit crazy, but in a nice way and the teachers are pretty cool too.

The only thing that she told me that's not really awesome is the virtual class. She doesn't really love to send her homework via internet. But oh, well... what can I say?

And that's it. That's what happening in Sarah's life right now. Sounds interesting, no?

Changing the subject a little bit... Today I'll be taking more and more photographs (not only street style), I'm very excited! I seriously can't wait to see what I find on the streets :)

What about you? Are you doing anything interesting today? Let me know!