Weekend Diaries XIII: Las Terrenas

Okay guys; we went to Las Terrenas for the weekend. The most amazing, beautiful and magical beach in this country. I've been here before, and if you're following me on instagram, you know what I've been up to. Well, let me tell you how it was.

We spent 2 hours in the road as usual, and we drove through the new highway (which is sooo awesomely awesome) okay enough, here's the only picture I liked from the ones I shot on our way there.

When we arrived, it was so cold and cloudy. I kinda wanted to cry, I mean the beach is supposed to be warm and sunny, right? We (me and my sisters) decided to go for a little walk down the beach. We walked through some kind of secret passage we found on the beach, and it led us to a super cool villa.

The next morning, I woke up at 7:30a.m. It was finally sunny and hot. We wanted to go for another walk and then we got back to the house. That time we took a dive into the pool and we suddenly forgot about everything. 

Our official drink for Las Terrenas: Eristoff Black + Cranberry juice. You should definitely try it!
Some random dog in the beach.
Diana's cold feet.

As you can see, it made us very happy! The fact that we're back in the city makes me a bit sad actually. But oh well, we have to face reality right? Now it's time to get everything ready for the routine (ughh). Well, I hope you've all had a great weekend as well!!


PS: For the next time, I promise I will take better pictures.