How to choose frames?

Glasses inspired by Warby Parker

These days I've been locked in my house, just studying for my midterms. I've had like 7 exams already, yup, it's like a nightmare.

All this studying thing stresses me out. And since my glasses broke, I can barely see when I'm reading, writing or drawing. 
Seriously, the other day we were in math class and I had to strain my eyes sooooo much to see what the teacher had written on the board. 

For the first time, my eyes were tired. My friend Martha was like 'Why don't you just buy new glasses?'

I was like Nahh, I don't really need glasses anymore. But believe me, I do. That's why, I went to the ophtalmologist for an exam yesterday. Everything went okay, until it was time to choose a frame. That's always the hard part for me.

There are so many frames I just can't choose one. I'm always like: Ohh, I love these ones... But what about those? And blah blah, you know how much I love eyeglasses (sounds weird, right?) but at least I'm not one of those people that wear them just for the look, that's kind of weird.

But the question is how to choose the perfect frames. And here's how:

  • Pay attention to details. My friend Juan told me this was very important when it's time to choose them. You have to make sure they're made of a very resistant material (metal, titanium, tortoise shell). And, they have to complement the shape of your face:

  • If you have a round face: I've heard rectangular and square frames should do the trick. Just be careful when it's time to choose a size.

  • If you have a square face (like me): try choosing square frames (not rectangular) or slightly round ones, they look really nice that way, just like the drawing. They should make a nice contrast with your face.

And that's it for now! After all, I don't think I'm that bad when it's about giving advice. Now, I have to decide, any suggestions? do you have a special way to choose frames? Tell me about it!


PS: Yes, I'm so in love with Warby Parker's frames. They're just so great and affordable, you should check them out!