Hurricanes and Gelato

Here's a preview of what I'll be wearing this fall.

There's currently a hurricane passing by the island. That means it's a bit terribly cloudy, rainy and cold. But well, all this rain won't stop me, right? I was tired of being locked up in my house, doing nothing. I called my cousin Valerie and I told her to go outside and watch a movie together.

The movie was terrible, we ended up leaving the cinema. After that, we went to this gelateria called Valentino. I have an infinite love for gelato, it's just one of the best things on Earth's surface.

Now I'm back home, skyping with my friend Doris and talking loads of funny stuff. I only want this weather to stay like, forever maybe? I'd rather pick that instead all the heat. Hope this weekend will stay cloudy.


PS: I'm wearing a Zara jumper and a Benetton shirt.