The perfect time to post?

After having a super busy week, I've finally managed a way to work on my blog. Well, at least that's what I think (Because I haven't tried it yet).

Unfortunately, this week I had to do loads of paperwork (I know, right?). But; as soon as I finished, I started to feel a little bored. To fight my boredom I started to walk around my workplace and asked everybody if they needed any help. They said no. So, I just went back to my desk and drank a cup of coffee (Did I mention I drink 3 cups of coffee per day). Well; the thing is, as soon as I did that, I grabbed some sheets and a pencil.

I started to draw lots of random things and I thought 'this is the perfect time for posting'. And yeah, that's what I think I'll do. I'll post on my free time at work, have you tried it? I'll try to do it this week to see if it works out. But first, I need something to photograph!! Meanwhile, here's a drawing!


PS: This drawing is inspired by the marvelous Garance Doré.