Inspired by Prada menswear SS 13.
This morning, I woke up with allergies. I feel so bad I didn't go to work (yes, I'm feeling that sick).

When I got up, I was like ´arghh I can't even walk properly!´ my legs started to ache a lot, I hope I'm growing a little bit taller, haha.

Well, I spent my morning drawing, listening to Concorde's music (which is really good, I have to say) and watching the Men's spring 2013 shows (I'll do a post about that very soon). My favorite one was Prada's show; it was so cool and minimalistic. It inspired me to draw and to create new characters for the short story I told you about.

I also found this super amazing blog and it also inspired me a little bit; I mean, look at those drawings, they're perfect!

Well, now I have to take a nap to start feeling better. Thanks for reading!


PS: I know, the drawing is horrible, but I swear the original version looks so much better!