Well, hello. Something's looking different, no? Hahah, I know. Things are changing a little bit (a lot, to be honest) The truth is, I've been wanting to change my blog for a while now and I finally did. It's a whole new identity.

Okay, let me tell you what's new:

The name: for a long time, I wanted to change my blog's name. It used to be Digitalog, which was a combination of the words digital + analog. I loved it, but then I noticed there's an agency in the UK with the same name. That's why I needed/wanted to change it in the first place. Then, I had the idea of naming it Idle Vibes. I asked some friends first and they loved it.

The variety: now, you must be asking why I named it like that. Okay, here I go. When I wanted to change the name, I also wanted to make this blog a bit more like a lifestyle/photography/fashion blog, Idle Vibes will be a collection of ideas, photos I take, things that inspire me and soft moments.

The design: this is something that I'm just too excited about. The new template of the blog! I love it soooo much. You know how much I love tweaking/redesigning/coding my blog. If you're asking where I got it, it was here. I always wanted to get a template from Blog Milk but I wasn't sure which one. Thanks to Ana and her team, they helped me make the right choice after all those emails, haha! They're just the best in the world. Now for the comments, you just have to click on the circle next to the post's title.

The pages: now for behind the scenes photos and some articles that I won't be posting here, you can follow the blog on Facebook. I also updated the Bloglovin page :) If you want, you can follow me in the social networks that are just on the sidebar.

That's it for now, what can I say? I'm so happy with all this 'new blog' stuff that I'm literally screaming and jumping!!

And, some other things I also wanted to share:

-This very special conversation I had with my friend June from LA, we talked a little bit about everything. Oh, it's so good to meet people and make friends from all around the world. I'm so grateful for that.

-Swedish store, L'oeil asked to take some pictures of their bracelets on Instagram, I'll be posting some lifestyle shots inspired by them in the next few days, you can follow me there if you want.

-I also thought about working with some friends on the blog, you know... as contributors. But that's coming later, for sure ;)

Well, that's it for now. I really hope to keep up posting and generating more content for you guys. Happy Tuesday!