Winter Inspiration

Hello there!!

Yeahh, I know I haven't been the best at keeping this blog up. So, please forgive me. The thing is that there's not much going on right now and I'm trying to create as much original content as possible. 

Well, as you can see, I did a bit of a re-design here. Nothing big, but I like it and I think it looks a bit cleaner than before, no? Well, that's the result of sleepless nights and 6 (ok, maybe 7) mugs of coffee a day. I know right!

Well, enough of that... Yesterday, winter finally arrived. But luckily, it's just like 2°C degrees colder in my country. And, here's a little mood board I did for the season, these are the images that are inspiring me the most right now. I don't know why, but I'm into cold, desaturated and moody images right now. Maybe it's just the season?!

What about you? What's inspiring you right now? Let me know !:)

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