The 27th Biennial of Visual Arts

So, last Friday I went with some friends to the Museum of Modern Art to see the 27th Biennial of Visual Arts.

Let me tell you how it was...

When we arrived, the whole museum was empty. Not a single soul was there (except for another friend we met) I actually love when museums are empty, that way I can appreciate art more.

Everything was so inspiring and cool... The sculptures, the paintings, photographs. Ahh, I have to tell you something, I love going to museums. It probably sounds a bit strange for you, but I'm one of those persons, you know?

And you know what? I actually thought that some of the artwork I saw were a little creepy, others were moving and so carefully + beautifully done and others had a very great story and meaning behind them.

That's something I love about art, it allows us to tell stories, to communicate something and at the same time we can leave our own mark in the world. Lovely, isn't it?

Do you like going to museums?


PS: Click on the arrows for more images.