Season essentials #2: The t-shirt

As you may have noticed, it's fucking hot outside. That's why we don't need more than one layer of clothing.

The most suitable -avoiding to say perfect- piece of clothing for this season (well, every season) may be the  one elegantly written on the photo, yes, the t-shirt.

Its simplicity and lightweight existence makes it comfortable yet very fresh to wear at the same time for this kind of hell-like weather that our country is going through. The t-shirt can be simple and such a plus for an outfit, you just need to know how to wear it and voilà!

I have to admit that I normally wear graphic t-shirt but lately I've been looking for something very basic/minimalistic. My friend Juan loves the one in the photograph, he says the pocket adds a really nice contrast to the outfit and it looks very nice.

What do you think? Do you like graphic t-shirts or are you looking for something simple like me?


PS: The t-shirt is made by Zara.