Spring Break diaries II

Let me tell you a little bit more about my Spring Break. Even though, I haven't really got out of the city, I've had a really nice time!! And believe me, I have sooo much to tell you guys!

Ok, let's begin. We've been rehearsing for a school concert. Sounds weird, right?* But it's not. I've got to meet all these super talented and amazing people and it kind of makes me a bit sad, because it's my senior year and it will probably the last time I see these guys.

As you know, I went to see A Good Day to Die Hard with my friend Arturo. It was... weird. They exaggerated everything quite a lot. After that, we went to see this vintage cars exhibition, it was so cool!
I was about to lose my mind with that Shelby Cobra replica, it was incredibly beautiful! Arturo fell in love with a Volvo.

The next day, we had our senior photoshoot for the yearbook. It was total chaos, everything was sooo disorganized and everybody was going crazy. I mean, each one of us needed to have our pictures taken with 5 looks in 7 different studios. How crazy is that? At the end, I just did 3 looks instead of 5 because I was absolutely tired. My friend Angelica said that she liked it and that she felt like a model (?)

See, my Spring Break hasn't been that boring, right? Stay tuned for the third diary!


*No, I don't sing. Some of my friends say I do but I don't. I'm the photography director at the concert!
PS: In case you're wondering, each picture is taken with Hipstamatic.