How to wear camo?

Today, we're going to talk about a trend in menswear for this Fall. Camouflage. These days, our eyes get a bit tired of seeing camo everywhere. Outside the shows, on street style photos... Wherever you go!!

Camo has been around for a lot and it will always be. And no, it's not only reserved for military troops or hunters. But... what's so good about it? I mean, we've seen guys like Nick Wooster and even models like Hanne Gaby wearing it. And why on Earth does it seem so difficult (at least for me) to pull it off?!

I personally didn't pay that much attention to Camo until Dries Van Noten used it for his Spring/Summer 2013 collection which is amazing.

So, enough said. Let's begin!

Camo Jackets/Shirts:

  • Just put it on. I mean, stop asking yourself if you should or not. Just do it, it looks fucking cool.

  • Keep it simple. Wear basic colors like grey or black with it. That will make the print pop out and it's a way to avoid clashing colors.

  • Wear a fitted, but not tight jacket. You can always roll sleeves up, wear long or short sleeves... The options are endless!

Camo Trousers:

  • Wearing camo pants might be a bit tricky. Always try to go for the right fit because if you don't, you'll look like a dumbass.

  • Try pairing camo pants with a white or maybe grey shirt/tee-shirt.

  • Wear them with brown brogues or sneakers and avoid wearing them with combat boots because that will make you look like you just came out of the army or something.

Well, that's it for now. I'm not that good when it's about giving advice but I hope this helps you! Do you have any particular way to wear camo?