Some really old photographs that were lost for 10 months.

Last February; my cousins Laura, Arturo and I went to a beach called 'Las Terrenas'. We spent like 3 days in that beach house and everything was amazing. The first day was really nice, we dived into the pool and went to sleep at 4am.

Arturo diving
Laura and Arturo
The next day; we spent like 4 hours straight walking through the beach and as soon as we started to walk in 
the morning, it started to rain. Then in the afternoon everything suddenly got better, we drank vodka, listened to really loud music and talked a lot.

Laura's bare feet
Arturo's sunglasses

We spent the last day swimming, taking the sun in and letting all the stress just go out. Everything about that weekend was perfect; but sadly, I can't go back in time.

Me, staring at the pool (by Laura)
Laura's wet hair
Laura staring at me
The beautiful sunset