Details: Botanical Garden

Being surrounded by nature is definitely one of my favorite things to do, that's why I could easily spend a whole afternoon wandering in the Botanical Garden. Since I re-descovered it, I've been visiting countless times this year in search for inspiring details in its diversity and complexion. I decided to share some of my favorite pictures (shot on iPhone) of my favorite details in this wonderful place. Hope you like them!

As you can see I'm a bit obsessed with the materials and textures that are part of this place. Concrete, marble, stone, bricks... The way they merge with nature and create such a peaceful and visually rich environment with it is absolutely fantastic. Hands down to Benjamin Paiewonsky -the architect- who is truly a genius.


Last year, I managed to visit Arte San Ramón; an art gallery located in the center of the city. I've known this gallery for years, my mom used to work there so I remembered how the place looked like before its renovation. But when I came back, I was mesmerized.

It's the clean lines, the natural light that enters through the ceilings, the simplicity and also the colors and brightness of the marvelous art pieces that make Arte San Ramón such a beautiful spot in the middle of all the chaos. It's an amazing place to find some inspiration. Well, I'll let these photos speak for themselves.

Calle Abraham Lincoln 904
Piantini, Santo Domingo

Inspired XI

Hello! I've been a bit away for a few weeks, but trust me, that happened for good reasons (I'll tell you eventually). There's been a lot going on, a lot of good things. I finally graduated from high school and I'll enter university on September (wooo, things happen quickly).

Well, here's some kind of board of images that are inspiring me at the moment and I wanted to share with you, as always. Right now, I'm feeling inspired by very bright colors, beaches and all those summer-y things. I've been trying to take as many pictures like these as I can, I'll show you the results later. Meanwhile, if you want to see more inspiring photos, you can always check my Pinterest.