Summer playlist

Hey there!

Remember my friend June? Well, we created a Summer playlist together! To be honest it was so much fun. I looooove sharing music with friends that have a very similar taste to mine. To me, this is one of the best ways to collaborate with them! Don't you think?

At first, we decided to work on a certain mood for the playlist; easy, fun, relaxed... You know, like Summer should always be, right? So... this is what we ended up with. For part one of the playlist, check June's blog

Daytime playlist

1. I Didn't See It Coming - Belle & Sebastian
2. Medusa - GEMS
3. All Eyes On You - St. Lucia
4. Submarine - The Drums
5. Mrs. Cold - Kings of Convenience
6. Sea Hare - Dirty Gold
7. Third Wave - Work Drugs
8. Won't You Come Over - Devendra Banhart
9. Vultures Like Lovers - Wild Nothing
10. Bowl Cut - Dom

View the entire playlist here.