The Chandler

Ok, I think you can officially call me a bookworm now. Just kidding... I probably never wrote about this on the blog but, remember my old glasses? Well, they broke more than a year ago, sadly. Aha, I know. I spent all that time blind without wearing glasses because I couldn't find the right ones (Yeah, you know I'm that complicated).

But then, I remembered Warby Parker! If you didn't know, they're an American eyewear brand, their design is truly beautiful and the quality is just great. I picked the Chandler, my all time favorite. There's even an illustration with them, crazy!

To be honest, I never did their Home Try-On program. I tried them online (I'm so weird), and I just knew they would work for me. I had the feeling.  So, these are a few snaps of them that I wanted to share with you:

Yeah, the package is pretty cool, you can just feel the quality by looking at the box. Guys, this is true love.

I'll post a picture of me wearing them a bit later. What do you think? Do you like them?