Håndværk : The Pique T-Shirt

For a few months, I thought I forgot how to really love a t-shirt. I don't know why, but the whole idea of the t-shirt outfit became simply impossible for me to do. Maybe because I just got used to the idea of having certain 'formalities' at work. That means shirts became my second skin. Maybe that was the reason why. But once I discovered Håndværk, I switched up my mind and went back to the simple luxury of timeless classics and basics.

This Pique T-Shirt by Håndværk has become my favorite (no joke here) - The pique fabric is crafted from Peruvian Pima cotton, which is one the best in the market. The cut is simply beautiful, easy, comfortable and effortless and it has what I like to call a 'certain slouchiness' which makes it look even more relaxed but elegant at the same time. Another reason why I love this is because it has a reminiscence of freedom, so it's perfect for off-duty occasions and luxurious weekend outings.

Håndværk T-shirt / Shoes


In collaboration with Håndværk. Special thanks to Sarah Jorge