Trying to find the perfect everyday essentials is not really an easy task. Lately I've been gravitating towards simplicity, functionality (things I can carry around, since I'm always rushing from one place to another to take pictures) and good design when buying goodies. Well, I fell in love with each of these products once I found them, here's why.

Nikon EM: I actually got this cute little guy last year but never wrote about it here. It's an automatic film camera from 1979. I thought it would be nice to carry it around, stop and shoot with it -just for the love of film and nostalgia- . There's something about film that makes you appreciate memories a lot more. The films I normally use are Kodak 200, Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji X-Tra 400.

Hanging Rock Creek by Prospector Co.: I've always loved everything from my friends at Prospector Co., their products are simply the best (I've been using for about a year now, or maybe more). This is my favorite everyday fragrance, Hanging Rock Creek; the smell is kind of woody, rustic and beachy at the same time. Simply perfect!

Baxter of California Scrub: There's something about tubes when it comes to skincare products, maybe that's why we're all a little bit obsessed with Aēsop?... My friend Tulio recommended this Exfoliating Scrub to me a few months ago, he said exactly this: 'You should try it. You'll have the skin of a baby!' and he was totally right*. 

Muji pens: Pure perfection. I'm a 100% loyal user of their Gel Pen and 0.3 Mechanical Pencil. I use both of them everyday because they're simple and pure in form and function. Just great.

Moleskine notebooks: My favorites. I've been using them since high school, they're perfect for writing lists, personal thoughts and for sketching as well. I'm totally a fan of this little yellow one, I even started a hashtag on Instagram, #TheYellowNotebookSeries - Check it out!

Steven Alan sunnies: These are the Mayhew in Classic Tortoise. And they're just necessary because I live in the most hot/sunny island in the world (or at least that's how it feels). My other favorite pair -not pictured- are the Amherst in Caramel Horn by Classic Specs.

*He also recommended the Clay Pomade, which is absolutely great.